Adam Kayce (who loves referring to himself in the third person) has been a bodyworker, personal trainer, healer, teacher, speaker, author, consultant, coach, business owner, tour guide (both at the San Diego Zoo, as well as in a jeep in Sedona, Arizona), bus driver, flower peddler, fashion consultant, bio-technician, lab rat (don’t ask), and most recently, a full-time web designer and developer. All of which makes filling out a job application more confusing than tax forms, which is why he’s an entrepreneur as well.

Adam & Yasmin in Paris


When not in front of his computer, you can find Adam reading, eating something with coconut in it, playing with his kids, playing minecraft (don’t laugh – it’s addictive), or chasing the fitness of his youth.

What is this website about, anyway?

In a nutshell, it’s about you and me, and living our best lives. Healthy, happy, and peacefully. My hope is that by sharing what works for me, it’ll help you find more of what works for you.

In a bit more detail, it’s a place for me to share the fruits of my experience, and help you use all of life’s resources to live the kind of life you can be proud of.

Were you a monk?

Nope, I just wrote a blog for a while called, “Monk at Work.” I’m just an ex-spiritual & energetic intuitive healer who enjoys his time alone (when he gets some).

Have you always been spiritual?

I actually didn’t start getting into spiritual stuff until college, really. I was studying Chinese internal martial arts, and the ideas of Taoism really resonated with me. Then I got into Sufism, and studied that for ten-plus years, along the way realizing that duality isn’t really where it’s at, for me, at least. You could say my Taoism came into my Sufism…

… which eventually blew it apart, until there was just… one. And I’m cool with being “pathless”, for the time being. You never know which way the wind will blow you next, y’know?

Did you grow up wanting to be a healer? Or a web designer? Or a writer?

Naw… my parents are artists, so design is something that’s always been around me.

What I really wanted to be growing up was a Jedi. Seriously. Wouldn’t that be cool? I didn’t meet anyone resembling Obi Wan Kenobi in San Diego, though, so I put my aspirations with the Force on the back burner.

When I was 15, I got interested in fitness… even though I was a major fat kid. I read all I could, tried doing situps with my feet under the La-Z-Boy, and did what I could. (I did eventually lose a bunch of weight before my senior year of high school.) I went into college thinking I’d go to med school, eventually, but the sciences kicked me to the curb. I graduated with a major in writing, and a minor in physical education, which was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in a classroom.

Looooong story short: I dropped out of acupuncture school to pursue energy healing, which is where I learned to be a pretty well-respected intuitive. So, I got my Jedi powers after all.*

Being a healer led to having a private practice, which led to me needing a website. I’ve always been a d.i.y. guy, so I learned how. And when my long-time friend Dawud turned me on to WordPress, I was stoked. And when I decided to transition out of being a healer, I started doing web design full-time.

One of my long-standing passions needs has been to write, so that’s now moving more and more into the foreground.

*When you say, “intuition”, do you mean like a “hunch”?

No, hunches are random feelings. Intuition to me is more like having the curtains of reality pulled back, and being able to know just about anything you want, just like Lyra’s alethiometer. And, it’s totally conscious and at-will. You can do it anytime.

In addition to seeing diseased cells and solving health mysteries in people, I’ve seen water damage in a house 2000 miles away, “diagnosed” organizational structures in large corporations, spotted leaks in the brake lines of a jeep that the mechanic couldn’t find, and all kinds of cool stuff like that.

The cool thing is, though, I learned how to do it. I’m not one of those people who born seeing rainbow fountains spouting out of people’s heads and stuff. I worked at it, and practiced a lot before I got good. And I think that’s a good thing, because it means that if you want to learn how, you can, too.

What’s with the CrossFit thing?

CrossFit, in a nutshell, is a fitness program that emphasizes constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity. Really high. You should see the top CrossFit athletes; they’re amazing.

I’ve always been into fitness, since I was 15. I’ve tried all kinds of fitness programs, but got bored with all of them before too long. Then I discovered CrossFit in the fall of 2007, and was hooked for a couple of years, even going so far as getting certified as a CrossFit trainer in November of 2008. One thing me and CrossFit didn’t see eye-to-eye on was constant intensity, though, so once my adrenals burned out, I shelved CrossFit, and now just do my best to train smart. It also helps the more I eat whole, natural food, which is really the “no duh” statement of the century.

What’s with the coconut thing?

Oh, you heard? I’ve got a pretty major coconut fetish, you could say. If I had my way, heaven would be one long coconut bender. I love coconut so much, I named my webdesign company after it.

You’ve got a family, too, right?

Yeppers… two amazing girls, who are growing up way too fast. That’s them in the pics up top.

Shortlink: http://goo.gl/hUWjL6