Blog Action Day: Leave That Which Makes You Doubt…

blog_action_day.jpgYou face hundreds, if not thousands, of choices every single day. How do you know what one thing to choose over another? What’s your litmus test for right action?

With the cornucopia of choices that you deal with every day, wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple rule to handle at least most of them? Well, at the risk of getting too simplistic, I’ll share an over-arching “rule” with you that I found years ago that has served me pretty well.

It’s one of my favorite prophetic sayings from all of Sufism: “Leave that which makes you doubt, for that which does not make you doubt.”

It carries a call to right action that strikes the tuning fork in your heart, resonating with the place in you that knows what’s right for you, and what isn’t. The exhortation to walk away from things, thoughts, actions, and attitudes that keep you spinning, lost, stuck, or worse, is undeniable.

And from what I’ve seen, the knowing in our hearts is true. We just have to listen to it.

blogactionday_small.jpgIn honor of Blog Action Day, an awareness-raising campaign to honor the environment, let’s look at how this saying applies to our ecological footprint — the impact we have on our planet.

For example…

Let’s say you need some new business cards. When it comes to paper, the printer has more choices than a Japanese restaurant’s sushi menu… and then you see it: 100% post-consumer recycled cardstock. It costs 20% more than the plain-jane stuff, though. Do you pony up the extra dough and go for it?

Automatically, you’d say yes. After all, you can hear my bias already. But would you really? When the moment of choice came, which would win out: your preference, or your pocketbook?

Whether you would go with the earth-friendly paper or not, here’s the point: if you act in accordance with your heart, then you’ll experience serenity and certainty.

Follow your heart, it always knows

If, in your heart, you know it’s the right thing for you to do, then going with the enviro-friendly paper will lift your heart, because you have no doubts that it’s the right thing to do.

If, in your heart, you know it’s the right thing for you to do, and you don’t go with the enviro-friendly paper, you’ll know it. You’ll feel the twist inside. You’ll experience the doubt, guilt, or whatever comes along with not acting in accordance with your heart’s knowing.

Leave that which makes you doubt (the bleached, toxic paper) for that which does not make you doubt (the less-bulk-in-the-landfill-and-less-toxins-in-the-rivers, earth-friendly choice).

Now, I’m not trying to force the enviro-option, here, either… even though I believe in it. Your heart may strongly signal you that it’s time to be in more integrity with your finances first, and you can beef up your other earth-stewarding behaviors in other areas; I don’t know what the choice is going to be for you. The important point here is that you’re listening to your deepest internal knowing, and leaving doubt behind. You’ll know when you’re on target when your heart is at peace.

There’s an overtone of peace that enters your life when you live by the certainty you feel in your heart. The Sufis call this iman, which is the state of belief, trust, and faith that comes with living by the certainty in your heart.

No guesswork involved

What I love about this is that it isn’t about guesswork. It isn’t about doing something you hope will pay off, without actually feeling its effect in your life. It’s about (again) practical spirituality — bringing your experience of life, on all levels, into harmony, with richness and compassion for all.

When you think about your work, and all the choices you have to make, from the visionary to the daily, keep this rule in mind, and see what living by it does to your sense of peace and clarity.

And since our relationship with our beautiful, blue planet weaves throughout everything we do, work-related or not, let’s give a little extra love to our Mother this week, and see if we can help make a difference for her.

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Images from the Blog Action Day website.

And thanks to all those who commented on the previous post so far: Eddie Corbano, Jean Browman, Jennifer Mannion, Judy Martin



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    The link on my name is to my post — I went for a general message of hope on what we can accomplish, an invitation to make the kind of practical suggestions your post brings.

    I truly commend you for taking on the challenge of presenting practical — actionable — solutions; your example of how to take a basic question and apply it to choices in everyday life is useful, heartening, and impressive.

    Thank you!

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    Adam, I too love the reminder of the value, power, clarity and simplicity of practical spirituality. It’s in everything, everywhere – every choice about what we do, buy, eat, throw away – but also everything that nourishes us, feeds us, sustains us, inspires us.

    I’ve been reading a lot of words about the environment today. Some have worked for me, some haven’t.

    These ones really did:

    “our relationship with our beautiful, blue planet weaves throughout everything we do…”

    Thank you.


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    Thanks, everyone — I suppose you could say I’m on a “practical spirituality” kick lately… lots of rubber meeting the road in my life.

    I’m a big lover of outdoor experiences, and growing up in San Diego (where water is always an issue) gave me a keen awareness of environmental impact and what we can do about it.

    I’m heartened to hear how my post impacted you; thanks again for letting me know.

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    Adam, thanks for sharing that sufi saying. While it’s easy to say “follow your heart”, or “do what’s right for you”, such oft-repeated phrases tend to lose their meaning in time. The saying at the core of your post snapped my mind into focus, because it points to such a fresh and practical way of knowing what is right.

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    Tai, absolutely. It does the same thing for me; it reminds me that my heart really does know, especially in moments when doubt and confusion are swirling around me.

    Thanks for coming by.

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    Thanks for speaking about the earth. For your followers who care about their ecological footprint for their business and themself they may be interested in my e-guide, The Sunrise Shift found on my website Kamigo Marketing under the Products section. It’s a free download.

    And if they want to find out about the mining of water they can check out two grassroots organizations who are fighting the cause here in New Hampshire, USA Save Our Groundwater and Neighborhood Guardians.

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    Thanks Charlene — those are great resources. You’re the “go-to” person that I think of in terms of environmental issues; glad you came by!