My Dad’s Eulogy

My brother was tasked with the real eulogy, so I opted to put my Writing degree (and sense of humor) to work and come up with something that I thought he would appreciate. After all, we were all dressed in Hawai’ian shirts, to commemorate a man who would much prefer the Don Ho look to Armani any day, so not to have something tongue-in-cheek would have been remiss.

And on a completely personal note, this was the most ambitious rhyme-scheme I’ve ever attempted outside of college writing assignments (AABCCB). I’m happy with how it turned out.

A Eulogy Poem

I’ve come to stand before you today
And do my very best to convey
While wearing, of all things, a Hawai’ian shirt –
Some words and feelings about my Dad.
A teacher, an artist – the only father I’ve had,
A man happiest with his hands in the dirt.

A man not much shorter than a giraffe
Was capable of making us all laugh.
His heart was very much an open book.
Anyone that knew him well
Knew the stories he loved to tell
And man — could that ol’ beanpole cook!

So, this is just about the time
You’ve realized that I’m about to rhyme
This entire eulogy…
Don’t worry, sit tight, if you please,
I’ll do my best to minimize the cheese,
And keep it short, in case you have to pee.

George — he was the kind of guy
Who always smiled, laughed, said, “Hi”
He’d make a friend of anyone he’d meet.
His helping hands he’d gladly lend
To anyone — stranger, foe, or friend
And even now, his giving’s far from complete…

It was his kindness that always “drove the bus”
And his heart is now a part of us.
His presence in our lives was certainly a treat.
And I doubt that anyone here at all
Young or old, short or tall
Wouldn’t describe his life’s aftertaste as sweet.

So what I really came to say
About the man we’ve gathered for here today
George was the ultimate people-pleaser.
Everything he did was with love and a smile
Didn’t have to try — it was just his style
And boy… we sure are gonna miss the ol’ geezer.

I love you, Dad.


  1. Gina says

    Sending lots of love to you & your family. I felt your dad’s wonderful spirit through your words. :)

  2. says

    Adam – My heart goes out to you and your family. Your dad would be be touched by your creativity, humor, and affection reading these words. Peace to you, bro.