Some Peeps Beating Their Own Drum

As I wrote about not long ago, a major impetus for this blog is my desire to find clarity through self-expression… so I thought I’d share a couple examples of what I consider to be great self-expression I’ve come across recently. And chances are high that you’ve got no idea who these people are yet, so that’s kinda cool, huh?

Is there a CrossFit-esque slant to these? Sure there is. After all, functional fitness as a life pursuit is the water cooler I spend my time around these days. Is there more to it than just CrossFit? Damn straight – otherwise, I wouldn’t be mentioning them. As if you couldn’t tell, “one-noters” aren’t my slice of bacon, really; I draw the most inspiration from folks who pay attention to more of life than just a thin stream of thought.

Barbells and Bacon

The blog of Jon Matzner, a CrossFit trainer in the Wash-D.C. area, B&B is a blog I’ve come to follow over the past few months quite avidly. It’s easy to tell by the way Jon writes that as much as he geeks out on CrossFit, his interests span much wider than his snatch grip.

I like reading Jon’s stuff because sometimes he writes a “stand beside me and see what I’m seeing” kinda post, and other times, he shares ideas from places that have sparked his interest, and they never fail to spark mine.

Good stuff – check him out.

Drive Time With Alec

Now, the video podcast that Alec does is a recent thing compared with his blog, but jeez-louise, it’s funny. Not that it’s a comedy-based videocast/vlog – he’s just a funny guy, and that’s often times so much better than someone who’s trying to be funny.

He’s also got a good message with the whole thing, and since it’s free, what have you got to lose? Right? This’ll be a fun one to see how it evolves, too.

And because posts like this always have at least three features, I’ll share one more with you…


Okay, this one’s a bit of a cheat, since Whole9 is actually two people and not just one, but who’s house is this? Run’s house.

The brainchild of Melissa Urban and Dallas Hartwig, the Whole9 blog is an amazing resource of nutritional know-how, but until you’ve experienced the voice and style of M & D, you really haven’t lived right. Or eaten right. Or laughed like you know is good for you to laugh.

Don’t get me wrong – even if Melissa and Dallas were as boring as an empty can, I’d still suggest you read their stuff, because the information on how to live healthy is so darn good it should be front-page news. But given the fact that they’re entertaining as heck, awesome people, and smokin’ hot (yes, both of ’em), you owe it to yourself to read more, learn more, and listen to what they say.

And if you want to meet Melissa, Dallas, and me in one fell swoop (and who wouldn’t?), then come to Whole9’s Foundations of Nutrition workshop in Lewisville, TX (just north of Dallas) on October 16th. I’ll be there, soakin’ up the juicy wisdom.

Are You Beating Your Own Drum?

Let us know about it – post a comment, share a story, and get your groove on.


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    C, you will forever be the Queen of Self-Expression, have no doubts about it. I qualified this post as saying, “stuff I’ve come across recently”, and you and I go way back, so there you have it.

    Not that I wouldn’t recommend getting in shape, mind you – just didn’t want you thinking you’d lost your touch.